Bumerang - Yazarkafe
Classy Ché

Stay with Me

I am the same, but I have lost a little, in short, even if you have a face to turn, I have no place to put you.

I like not instantly.

You know well that I will spread over time.

Don't ever miss your eyes, I'll catch it at the slightest glance.

do not be afraid

Don't be afraid to tell you that you love me

I stay as far away as I can.

Don't worry, I will not share with anyone.

Only you know that you love me


Don't count me, I don't know after I told you. No need to look from afar.

You can come to me.

If you want, tell your love as if you love someone else.

I listen, I don't get bored.

Don't look at my eyes, I'm not offended either.

If he gets longer, I will understand what you tell

As if all my moments were wasted.


Words always end.

It's the hardest thing to go, but it doesn't suit you to show it.

The easiest goodbye in a relaxed attitude.

I'm silent at that moment, but please, don't be goodbye and stay with me.

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