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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The body of Ronald Opus on March 23, 1994 the reviews forensic medicine concluded that he died of a bullet in his head. Ronal Opus had jumped from the top of a ten-story building to commit suicide. He explained his despair in a note he left behind. However, when he broke in front of the ninth floor, he hit the bullet head through the window, his life ended with this bullet.

At the level of the eighth-floor window of the apartment, there was a network set up to protect the glass wipers; but neither the weapon nor the late Ronal Opus knew about the existence of this network. Obviously, if there was no bullet, Opus' suicide attempt would not have been successful; without hitting the floor, he would get stuck in the net on the eighth floor.

The fact that Opus was hit nine times below and was shot down with the bullet that had fallen from the ninth floor, would have probably not changed his cause of death from suicide if he had hit the ground. However, the failure of Opus' suicide attempt prompted the prosecutor to think that there was a murder case in his hand.

An old man and his wife lived in the room on the ninth floor, where the gun exploded. They were arguing and the man was threatening the woman with a gun. He was so angry that he pulled the trigger, but the bullet missed the woman, headed out the window and hit Opus. A person should have been guilty of killing person A. This was the conclusion the prosecutor had reached. So the old man on the ninth floor was guilty of murder. Faced with this accusation, both the man and his wife were absolutely sure that the gun was not full. The old man had habitually scared his wife with an empty gun for a long time. His wife knows this too, so he wouldn't care much about the man's threat. In short, the man had no intention to kill his wife; he didn't even know that the gun was full. Thus, the killing of Opus was an accident; the gun was filled by accident.

Continuing investigations, a witness emerged six weeks before the fatal accident, seeing the elderly couple's son filling the gun. It turns out that the old woman had withdrawn her financial support from her son, and the son, who knew his father's tendency to intimidate his mother with a gun, secretly filled the gun, hoping that he would shoot his mother. His mother would die, the father would be accused of murder, and the goods would remain for the son.

Now the incident had come to the point that the son of the elderly couple was responsible for the murder of Ronald Opus.

Meanwhile, a new bend appeared before the prosecutor. Continuing the research, it was understood that the despair of the son increased due to the fact that his mother and father did not experience a threatening argument with a gun in the past six weeks, and therefore he could not succeed in his mother's death. This led him to commit suicide by jumping off the top of the ten-story building on March 23. However, his death had never been as planned; Ronald Opus's life had come to an end when he passed the ninth floor, hitting his mother when his father triggered the gun he thought was empty! The file was closed as a suicide.

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