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https://evadav.com/phpb?click_id={CLICKID}&payout={PAYOUT} Do I think big enough?...

Do I think big enough?...

The first job of a successful leader is to have an idea of ​​where to take people. I start the People With You program with a straightforward question: What is the biggest thing you can imagine that it will grow your business or affect your life deeply?

I called this a straightforward question; I didn't say an easy question. I call your answer to this question the Big Goal. With this, I want to say that this goal is more than just small improvements or modest growth. Because having a slightly better year than the previous year is not a huge success.

Setting this correct goal is the key to success, and leaders often fail to achieve high levels by not aiming high enough. None of us want to fail for many reasons. (among the top ones is not to lose our job). For this reason, we are cautious about how high we can set our eyes. But the truth is, targeting only the good enough instead of the big one will not inspire people around you. It also means that you will never get an opportunity to see what you and your people can really do. And this is a great misfortune for both your company, those around you, and for you.

So, when answering this question, ask yourself: Do I think big enough?...

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