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What is your Street Style?

What is your Street Style?

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Street style means freedom. Comfort and elegance stand out.

Accessories are important, especially the hat...

Street #Fashion takes place in our minds before catwalks and fashion shows. In fashion weeks, street fashion draws attention before fashion shows. As such, street photographers began to multiply. People can follow street #fashion from the images pictured by photographers. Today, most fashion designers say that inspiration is street fashion.

Nowadays, 3 clothing styles that attract attention are considered:

Punk: Torn clothes, leather clothes, old-looking hair, cloth shoes, dark eye makeup #Punk

Gothic: The style of clothing with laces, velvets, tulle and leather ... thick and high heels

It is also the sine qua non of style in torn, aged looks. #Gothic

Hiphop: Abundant clothing style coming from hiphop culture ... A youth trend. Modern clothing style and hiphop clothing style is very close. Hiphop is comfortable and suitable for people who move a lot. #Hiphop

Take care to choose your #colors while shopping. Determine your #colors, find the #color that suits your hair, makeup and skin. Let's say a #color is fashionable but it does not suit you, you can use it less and combine with your own #color.

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