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Whats your dress style?

Whats your dress style?

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In the clothing and fashion sector, there are Fashion Trends that are mind-blowing. The clothing style of each person differs. Many women follow the #fashion and determine the style of clothing and clothing. Some masculine, some Feminine... #Fashion

Fashion Trends constantly change. However, it is in question at a glance. When we compare the past with the present, the rising fashion emerges. Fashion started to develop and accelerate today after the 20th century. The clothes have become more modern. He created and developed many fashion trends.

It began to reflect the personality and character of people in clothing style. #Fashion

When we look at the popular Fashion trends:

It is seen that femininity is kept in the background in masculine clothing #style.

Feminine femininity is the style that femininity is prioritized. Skirts that show thinness of waist, belts, heels with feminine clothing...

Given that every outfit that is old is not vintage, you can have an outdated look instead of #style.

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