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Disney’s New ‘DuckTales’ Now Has a Theme Song, Premiere Date, and All-Star Cast

Disney’s New ‘DuckTales’ Now Has a Theme Song, Premiere Date, and All-Star Cast Disney XD’s upcomingDuckTalesreboot has a brand new theme song and a premiere date. The series will premiere in a one-hour television movie which will be shown for 24 consecutive hours starting Saturday, August 12 (beginning at midnight EDT/PDT), on Disney XD. The series will then debut with two new episodes on Saturday, September 23. Here’s the awesome new theme song. DISNEY XD’S NEW DUCKTALES SERIES HAS AN IMPRESSIVE ALL-STAR CAST VOICING NEW VERSIONS OF CLASSIC CHARACTERS. Tony Anselmo, Disney’s official voice of Donald Duck since 1985, will reprise the classic role in the reboot. EW, in an exclusive first look at the new characters, reports that Donald will show up more in this version than he did in the old series. Paul F. Tomkins plays Gladstone Gander, the shared nemesis of Donald and Uncle Scrooge. Gyro Gearloose is voiced by Community star Jim Rash. He’ll once again work alongside intern Fenton — secretly Gizmoduck — as voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Allison Janney (The West Wing) will voice Scrooge’s longtime fellow adventurer Goldie O’Gilt. The character has been given a welcome adventurous makeover for the new series. Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys are played by Margo Martindale and Eric Bauza respectively. They’re back to give Scrooge a hard time and get in the way of his globetrotting adventures. Flintheart Golmgold (Keith Ferguson) is returning as Scrooge’s billionaire peers, and he’s even more Scottish than before. Silicon Valley star Josh Brener voices Mark Beaks. He’s a brand new character — a “new money” peer of Uncle Scrooge who accumulated his wealth in the tech sector. As previously announced, Scottish star David Tennant, best known for his portrayal of the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who voices Scrooge McDuck.

Get out of the leopard, here is the wild pressure that will make the spring!

Graphic, zebra print tattoo on the basics of the moment. Graphic, zebra print tattoo on the basics of the moment. After the cow print, this graphic print will rise to the order of fashion declaration. Zebra, who has been beaten by Bottega Veneta's or Daniel Lee - including The Pouch bag or square toe pumps - finds always a small amount of nobility letters (fashion) added to the dressing room. How to wear the zebra print? If we prefer it delicately affixed to an accessory rather than a total look like Pernille Teisbaek, Loulou de Saison or Camille Charrière, he boldly assumes himself on a jersey like Giorgia Tordini or plays the mix and match of printed on a blouse with the image of Erika Boldrin. A lesson in style and selection of our favorite wild pieces from the houses and labels of the moment.


The body of Ronald Opus on March 23, 1994 the reviews forensic medicine concluded that he died of a bullet in his head. Ronal Opus had jumped from the top of a ten-story building to commit suicide. He explained his despair in a note he left behind. However, when he broke in front of the ninth floor, he hit the bullet head through the window, his life ended with this bullet. At the level of the eighth-floor window of the apartment, there was a network set up to protect the glass wipers; but neither the weapon nor the late Ronal Opus knew about the existence of this network. Obviously, if there was no bullet, Opus' suicide attempt would not have been successful; without hitting the floor, he would get stuck in the net on the eighth floor. The fact that Opus was hit nine times below and was shot down with the bullet that had fallen from the ninth floor, would have probably not changed his cause of death from suicide if he had hit the ground. However, the failure of Opus' suicide attempt prompted the prosecutor to think that there was a murder case in his hand. An old man and his wife lived in the room on the ninth floor, where the gun exploded. They were arguing and the man was threatening the woman with a gun. He was so angry that he pulled the trigger, but the bullet missed the woman, headed out the window and hit Opus. A person should have been guilty of killing person A. This was the conclusion the prosecutor had reached. So the old man on the ninth floor was guilty of murder. Faced with this accusation, both the man and his wife were absolutely sure that the gun was not full. The old man had habitually scared his wife with an empty gun for a long time. His wife knows this too, so he wouldn't care much about the man's threat. In short, the man had no intention to kill his wife; he didn't even know that the gun was full. Thus, the killing of Opus was an accident; the gun was filled by accident. Continuing investigations, a witness emerged six weeks before the fatal accident, seeing the elderly couple's son filling the gun. It turns out that the old woman had withdrawn her financial support from her son, and the son, who knew his father's tendency to intimidate his mother with a gun, secretly filled the gun, hoping that he would shoot his mother. His mother would die, the father would be accused of murder, and the goods would remain for the son. Now the incident had come to the point that the son of the elderly couple was responsible for the murder of Ronald Opus. Meanwhile, a new bend appeared before the prosecutor. Continuing the research, it was understood that the despair of the son increased due to the fact that his mother and father did not experience a threatening argument with a gun in the past six weeks, and therefore he could not succeed in his mother's death. This led him to commit suicide by jumping off the top of the ten-story building on March 23. However, his death had never been as planned; Ronald Opus's life had come to an end when he passed the ninth floor, hitting his mother when his father triggered the gun he thought was empty!

The file was closed as a suicide. Tags: ( #however, #empty, #suicide, #murder, #story, #rewiev, #dead )

Finding Nemo

Made in 2003, Finding Nemo tells what can happen to a fish and how to deal with it. You should definitely watch this beautiful movie under the sea. Nemo, who lost her mother as soon as she was born, is raised by her father. When he reaches primary school age, he starts to get bored with his father's interest. His father forbids swimming in the Ocean because he has a small filter. Seeing that his son was caught and taken away by people, his father will find Nemo regardless of his determination and will go back home. But Ocean is much more dangerous than you think. "Finding Nemo", directed by Andrew Stanton, signed the gross record of 2003 in North American cinemas. The film, whose revenue reached 335,000,000 dollars as of the beginning of October, has received the title of the most-watched cartoon of all time from the title of "The Lion King". “Finding Nemo” is currently in eighth place in the list of most-watched movies of all time; it is number 1 in the most-watched cartoon list of all time. “Nemo: Finding Nemo” prepared at Pixar Animation Studios tells about the pleasant and sometimes sad journey of two clownfish, which fall apart from each other. Dory is also accompanied by the extraordinary adventure of the overly cautious father fish Marlin and his curious son Nemo. The fishy Marlin and Dory's dangerous journey in the vast ocean and the brave plans of the little fish Nemo to escape from the aquarium form the subject of "Finding Nemo". Andrew Stanton, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Disney / Pixar co-production "A Bug’s Life - A Life of a Bug", co-directed by "Nemo: Finding Nemo" by Walt Disney Pictures. Produced by Graham Walters. The production manager was directed by Oscar-winning director John Lasseter, who previously directed "Toy Story", "Toy Story 2", "A Bug’s Life" and "Monsters Inc.". Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson and David Reynolds co-wrote their screenplay. The music was prepared by Oscar-nominated composer Thomas Newman. Albert Brooks, Alexander Gould, Ellen DeGeneres, Eric Bana, Erica Beck, Willem Dafoe, Geoffrey Rush served in the voice-over cast of the film, which combines computer animation technology with a brand new understanding of art that floats in deep waters and introduces the audience to unforgettable characters. Original title: Finding Nemo
Release Date: April 19, 2013
Duration: 100D
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich
Screenplay: Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, David Reynolds
Built: 2003 - United States, Australia Tags: ( #findingnemo, #animation, #disney, #movie, #sea, #story, #happen )

Back to life

Four months later...
iPod song selection: "Back to Life" The impact of the concussion I experienced was mild. My mother used to force the tea with sugar, taking it to my lips and forcing me to drink it. I didn't like sugar tea at all. What would it do if there was no alcohol in it? But I was still drinking, if I didn't, the tea would spill over me and my chin would burn. My mom, Emma, ​​Keelin and Susie were against me, they were dialing a number. I'm not kidding, really. But I did not notice this in time. I thought a new sandwich was put in front of the door of my bedroom, but suddenly I was removed from my bed with my duvet, I have pushed down the stairs and inserted into the back seat of my mother's car. Yes, here I am. I was back home. I was harassed, defeated and forcibly detained.
"Honey, this is for your good," my mother said firmly. '' You can't live like this. Keelin and Susie will go crazy worrying about you. Of course, we have ... ''
"But I was going to work!" I voiced a loud voice.
"Yes, but you can't spend every moment outside of work in your room, by drinking cheap wines under the covers." ''Okay, so let me get expensive wine. There is nothing else to pay my salary.'' ''Izzy time has come. Cried the girls, my mother waving her hand. ''Be strong. I can't look. ''
Emma, ​​Keelin and Susie took big scissors and started to smash my duvet.
"No!" I howled my mother, whose back is facing this view, trying to hold me back on the sofa.
An hour later, I was exhausted from crying and lay on the couch, twisted in a ball of sorrow. Kelin and Susie, two of the Makasci Brothers, went to their home. My father often came to my room to check me out. I loved my father. He was not as treacherous as the others. Our dog Doris was watching me.
"Did you trim Doris's hair?" I asked, looking at him. Why was he watching me? Did he also see the clip on Facebook?
No, it is not so, '' muttered Emma - my scissor and my brother - guilty. '' I wanted to try this curling iron I just bought. A pinch of the feather was roasted while trying to curl his feathers. I also had to trim the rest.'' I understood the situation. Doris was begging me to take her home.
''Izzy, you can't go on like this. `` I'm serious for you, ''said Emma sternly. "Now you have to master yourself. You've always been an extremely cold sister, but now ... ''
"What is it now?" My lower lip started shaking. Am I embarrassed for you now? ''
"Yes true.''
"Emma!" My father shouted.
"I'm sorry, Dad. Okay, but..." Emma, ​​`` ... but you're close to being, Iz.'' "Emma!" My father shouted again.
Emma's big blue eyes turned to the eyes of the female deer in the cartoons, just as she moved me. Even when verbally harassing people, he had the ability to be so cute that getting angry at him was officially impossible. Once I had my hair cut short, he looked at me and said, "You looked like a seven-year-old boy," but he said so with such a cute expression that I apologized to him in the end and promised to grow my hair.
"I'm sorry, Emma. I know you're frustrated but I really tried, okay? I really tried this time.'' Tags: ( #life, #time, #strong, #back, #later, #really, #people, #what )

What Will I Be When I Grow Up

As long as one child is unhappy in the world, there are no great inventions and advances. His mother had gone as he stared at his six-year-old son, who was fighting leukemia. Although his heart was in pain, he also felt the effect of his sense of determination. Like any parent, he wanted his son to grow up and realize his hopes. But this was no longer possible. It was unlikely that leukemia would give this an opportunity. However, he wanted his son to realize his dreams. ''Bob! Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow up? Have you ever wanted and dreamed of what happened in your life? '' He asked.
Bob decided without waiting:
"Mommy, I always wanted to be a firefighter when I grew up."
The mother smiled and said:
"Can we do whatever he wants, let's see,'' he said. Later, he went to the fire department in Arizona and met firefighters. He told them that his son wanted it last and asked if it was possible for his son to get on the fire truck and take a small tour in the city. "We can do better than that," said one of the firefighters. '' If you prepare your son at seven o'clock on Wednesday morning, we will make him a guest of honor that day and make him a firefighter. He comes to the fire department with us, eats with us, comes to extinguish the fire. If you even give us your measurements, we'll have him make a real firefighter costume with the Arizona firefighter's yellow emblem embroidered and order rubber boots.'' Three days later, the firefighter took Bob, dressed him in his clothes, and accompanied him from the bed to the fire truck. Bob was installed in the fire truck and started on his way to the directorate. He felt very happy. There were three full days of fire warning in Arizona that day, and he got on different fire trucks and even the fire manager's private car. Local televisions also watched and filmed him. His dreams come true, the love and attention shown had affected Bob so much that he lived exactly three months more than what the doctors said. One night, when all signs of life began to disappear dramatically, the head nurse, who believed that no one should die alone, called the family members to the hospital. He then asked if Bob would be able to have a firefighter in special clothes, as he said goodbye to this world. Firefighter: ''We can do better than that. We are there in five minutes. But would you do us a favor? When you hear the sirens ringing, can you make the announcement that there is no fire?
 Just say that the firefighters are visiting an important colleague and please open the window of his room''? she replied. About five minutes later, the van carrying the hook and ladder arrived. He opened the ladder and approached Bob's room on the third floor. Exactly fourteen firefighters climbed into BOb's room. They hugged her with the permission of her mother and told her how much they loved her. Bob, clawed by death? '' Answered the manager.
After these words, Bob smiled and closed his eyes forever. You forgot the Beli, maybe you can't remember it, maybe you are so emotional, you are so strict; But know that life radiates love and hope. If you don't read your eyes when you read this, it means there is nothing left for you. No, if it is full, then appreciate your loved ones and reveal you're true love, please. Tags: ( #love, #hope, #dream, #happen, #grow, #live, #morning, #life )

Know Yourself!

One of the hard things about being ourselves is that we don't always know exactly who we are, especially at the beginning of our career. It takes time and experience to develop the trust and knowledge needed to do this successfully. At the beginning of my career, I worked with many successful people who received an MBA from Ivy League universities. However, I was only a graduate and my field was not even a business-related field. I studied Journalism at the University of Missouri. I was different and I knew this. But it took me some time to gain the confidence to accept it. It may seem stupid, but over the years, I went to the sink asking for permission when the subject of the conversations came from where the MBA degrees were taken. So I was getting rid of answering the question. I encountered many difficulties to feel comfortable in my own being. I was a terrible speaker in front of people... so I had to learn to speak. When we started the company, I had never directed anyone but I had been in many sports teams. I thought: Well if I make everyone feel like we're on the same team, we can do something good.
CARDINAL HEALTH Fortunately, I realized that hiding, in the end, would not help me get what I wanted. I may not have received an MBA diploma, but I was pretty good at getting the information I needed to progress. When I was head of the marketing department at the Pepsi-Cola Company, I went to the company's CEO Craig Weatherup and asked him to make me COO. However, I had never had any operational experience in my career until then. Nevertheless, I send it to the marketing department throughout my career and even dismiss me; do whatever you want. So he gave me a chance and we both never regretted it. It is extremely important for every great leader to know who he is and where he came from. The following is an invitation to have a hard assessment of your training history and to think about the events that deeply shape you, your values ​​and goals. As an example, I added my own lifeline and the events you mentioned above. I still look at it and add something from time to time so that I can remember things like where I was, what I learned, and which lessons I couldn't learn easily. Knowledge doesn't come out of anywhere, and this exercise will reveal a better picture of who and what helps you learn something. Tags: ( #people, #success, #know, #extrem, #event, #company, #fortunetely, #want )

A Big Mistake!

''The mistake made without knowing is wrong. The deliberate mistake is betrayal.'' The man was shouting at his wife in a hurried and angry state. When they saw the anger of their father, they fell silently on a sofa. The man was told to the children, without worrying about his wife's sadness: "I said it, didn't I?" I told you to have a meeting today, to iron the light blue shirt. 'What would diverse be with a brown shirt? I'm going to present today, should I give a pessimistic image, let the audience decide, and this will affect their vote on the project! Do you want this? '' His wife, who hurriedly ironed her blue shirt, said, "Okay, it's over," and he took the shirt in awe and said, "It's over, of course, it's over but what's done after I am late," he said with his indignant anger. After looking at the frightened faces of the children, the woman tried to calm her partner again: "Yesterday you were out later than this, you have time to catch up." He doesn't understand, he doesn't understand ... I'm going to make the presentation today. I must go before everyone else, I should say "Welcome to the important guests who will come ... " The man came out shouting, saying a lot more, running his car and walking away.
The woman worried about her angered wife at the wheel and said, "Well, if he didn't have an accident," he thought.
When her husband walked away, she went to her children and tried to hug them and relax:
"If you woke up early, I will immediately prepare you a breakfast worthy of sultans."
He switched to the kitchen and immediately turned on the radio, which played cheerful music to dispel the restlessness in his mind. He put eggs to boil on the stove, began to heat milk in the coffee pot. He did not neglect to put olives, cheese, jam on the table. A little later she called out to her children: "Your breakfast is ready!" While the children were having breakfast, the music suddenly stopped drawing attention. He opened the sound of the radio a little more with the announcement of the breaking news. There was a chain accident hair on the radio. "We'll be together with the details a little later," said the announcer, but from the moment he said the location of the accident, he had been stacked in his chair. The accident's spokesperson was the quadruple cross where her husband went to work every day. It came to his mind that his wife complained about traffic at this intersection, saying that there was heavy traffic every morning. "He hurried to be late and I wonder if he was ..." The thought that came to his mind burned him even more, he got up immediately. '' Guys, don't forget to approach the stove. Have breakfast, go to the hall, play. I have to go to an emergency, don't open the door to anyone, okay? '' Although their children were well-behaved, they listened to them again and again briefly.
He took something to go out on the street and took a taxi for his pocket. When she turned to the door, she could not bear her heart, which started to cry and began to cry, worrying that her husband might have died in this accident. He was careful to turn his back to the open kitchen door so that his tears could not be seen by the children.
She understood that the pain in her was caused by the fact that her husband was dead and that she broke herself on the way and shouted in front of her children. However, he was not always angry. `` If he dies, will my kids remember their father as they last saw him? Will they stay as a heartbreaking, angry father?'' Although their children were well-behaved, they listened to them again and again briefly.
He took something to go out on the street and took a taxi for his pocket. When she turned to the door, she could not bear her heart, which started to cry and began to cry, worrying that her husband might have died in this accident. He was careful to turn his back to the open kitchen door so that his tears could not be seen by the children.
She understood that the pain in her was caused by the fact that her husband was dead and that she broke herself on the way and shouted in front of her children. However, he was not always angry. `` If he dies, will my kids remember their father as they last saw him? Will they stay as a heartbreaking, angry father? '' As he walked out of the door, he would call out to his children once again, but the tears that were flowing were no longer hidden. He made a move to open the door and go out, but he had a husband stepping towards the door.
 The man looked at his wet cheeks for a moment and asked, "Did you listen to the news?" His wife only nodded before he could speak, Adam hugged his wife tightly, and then wiped tears gliding from her cheeks.
The woman asked with difficulty:
"I remember I remembered something important. If I died in that accident ...'' At that moment, the children came to them and stood by their mothers, thinking that their father might still be angry. The man called his children to him with all his sincere, sincere smile, hugged their necks, kissed them on their cheeks.
'' I made a big mistake and forgot to tell you how much I loved you when I left the house. Is such an important thing forgotten? What should we do? I am back.'' Tags: ( #wife, #breakfast, #mistake, #sincere, #children, #remember )

Extraordinary Authenticity

People immediately recognize and follow them when they see the true ones, those who walk on the paths of life according to their own preferences, those who adhere to their beliefs and those who do not step back. We can all count such people, and there is usually a great consensus on the authenticity of people in different lanes, such as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey, Muhammed Ali, and Winston Churchill, which suggests that authenticity can be displayed in many different ways. I call this "extraordinary authenticity", which means the ability to be yourself even under the most difficult conditions. This requires living with a paradox: as a leader, to be inspired, you must be competent in your job, but also accept that you do not know about matters that you do not know. At the same time, you need to be both self-confident and weak. Allowing your weaknesses to appear can be difficult for most of us, but the idea of ​​having your own opinion in the business world is getting more difficult as it is also important to get along well with all kinds of people. It is clear that you cannot say to your colleagues or customers: "I am this, either accept it or go away." that is, if you want to move forward... Instead of closing people to yourself or engaging in unnecessary conflicts with corporate culture, you need to determine how you can be yourself in a way that broadens your attraction and influence. Instead of completely changing himself, Indra found ways to adapt so that he could feel comfortable. One of them was about the love of cricket that he devoted his life to. Even one person in this country was not watching this game. Instead, they were watching baseball, another stick and ball game. So he gave himself to baseball and the team of the region to New York Yankees. He read everything he could find on the subject until he was able to speak comfortably about the game. `` I really could say that I love this vote and I love Yankees, '' Indra said, `` rather than pretending that he did when he did.'' Nooyi could choose to learn football or start the goal to better match his American counterparts, but that wouldn't suit his personality or interests. He could also sit back and say: "I'm not interested in these stupid American hobbies. If the people here want to know me, they can ask me who I am. '' But he didn't say that. Instead, he tried to find ways to suit both him and them to get closer to people. "I tried to adapt by leaving an open door instead of being completely a person I could never change and never endure, but I feel comfortable." It took the effort to find out how it would be in a new environment, but Indra managed to do it in a unique and authentic way. "There is always room for improvement, progress and a better self."
'' I don't need to change. I'm good enough as I am now. '' Tags: ( #people, #walk, #preference, #leave, #unique, #effort, #extraordianry, #forward )


I hate fashion but I also love fashion! Regardless of who or whatever we are, we all get dressed first thing every morning. Fashion is about how we feel and reflect ourselves every day. This is a deep issue for me! The philosophy that supports the plain yet classy look of the Prada brand is actually hidden in these sentences of Miuccia Prada. Of course, these 'deep' feelings would not prevent Prada, a brand that shines about 70 years after its birth, from settling in popular culture. As we remember yesterday, when Lauren Weisberger's book "Devil Wears Prada", published in 2003, was adapted to the cinema under the name "Devil Wears Prada" the Prada brand settled in the popular cultural terminology of the 2000s. The brand is still grateful to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who is probably the subject of the book. After all, the good or the bad is not! In addition to being integrated into the popular culture, Prada continues to be in the top ten with names such as Chanel and Gucci in the list of the most valuable luxury brands. Already Miuccia Prada's realization of the innate fashion sense, quickly and aggressively, rescues the brand in both fashions and It is not surprising that only the 'Prada' status book, which is known as 'Creativity, Modernity, Innovation', or 'Prada: Creativity, Modernism and Innovation', is dedicated to the market, Miuccia. With more than 700 pages, this book goes over the path that the brand's son recorded in 30 years, with fashion shoots, art and architectural projects. In the 70s, when the brand was on the decline, this road begins with its attention again with bags made from a rain-proof fabric made for sportswear. One of the most striking titles of the book is the advertising campaigns that Prada has realized over the years. The brand's acclaimed season shots are spotted in each of these fashion shots, including Sasha Pivovarova and Linda Evangelista, which were launched as Prada's faces, as well as Mary Janes, Kirsten McMenamy, Naomi Campbell, and the color harmony and graceful touch of Prada.. In addition to fashion shots, Prada's works with famous graphic artists such as Michael Rock, Sung Joong Kim and James Jean are also on the pages of the book. Prada's brother Miu Miu - After studying political information, Miuccia Prada, who worked as a mime artist in a theater in Italy, has also perceived the brand Miu Miu (this name is actually her nickname), which she created independently of Prada, as a way of revolting her new lifestyle. Because he is actually to transfer a high intellectual accumulation to a fast-consuming and general-passing industry like fashion. After Miu Miu, founded in 1989, Prada's boutiques in London, New York and Paris increased the brand's awareness. In the early 90s, the Miu Miu brand gained strength. Although it is known as a young and colorful reflection of Prada, it has attracted attention with its simple but eye-catching designs. ( #prada, #brand, #italy, #milano, #design, #fashion, #wear )

Just Be Yourself!

Find your best self, be yourself, know yourself, improve yourself. Just be yourself!
I am sure that you have heard this advice many times before. Yeah, I heard a lot. And I am sure that you have heard the advice that being yourself in business life, as in private life, means being reliable and sincere, and that if you do not have this feature, you will have lost it from the beginning, because no one will follow you. It is interesting that people encounter this wisdom so often. They advise you to be yourself to calm your excitement and eliminate pressure before a job interview or a woman's first appointment. This means that we have to push hard. Just relax. Be yourself. It's easy to say! In reality, being yourself is much more difficult than most people think.
Think about it, who knows how many times you have never watched someone, maybe a colleague or someone on TV, or listened to it, and you understand that henchmen is not sincere. I remember that I was shaking my head as I saw several candidates who had trouble watching the news and displayed their stance several times during the preliminary election period of the 2008 presidential election in the USA. I remember that I watched a news story in Barack Obama's election studies, which were left behind in the surveys, trying to get close to the class voters who wear bowling shoes and play bowling. It was a shame to watch her extremely clumsy shots, but not because she was incompetent, but because she was cold in doing so and was not comfortable. But in the next event, he was so comfortable and interested in doing his favorite sport, that is, playing basketball with local voters. This was his game, clearly understood. By the way, his jumping shots were perfect. At the same time, the press undertook to criticize Hillary Clinton, who drinks whiskey and beer in a bar in Indiana. For example, the Gawker site cynically criticized that Clinton believed that the only way to impress the blue-collar voter was to drink "like male college students" (of course, not to mention which Canadian whiskey he drank). In another incident in New Hampshire, when a voter asked how she kept this pace for days, she responded excitedly: "It is not easy, and if I did not believe that it was the right thing to do, passionately. I see a lot of opportunities in this country and I just don't want our country to decline. With these examples, let's criticize Republican candidate John McCain in order not to appear to be politically biased. McCain was known as an "undisciplined party member" who advocated what he believed and sometimes even bullied his own party. But after he reportedly supported independent senator Joe Lieberman, he lost some confidence when he chose Sarah Palin as a party candidate. His efforts to convince the Americans that Palin was his own choice and that he did not pressure his party from this, did not sound convincing. The main idea is this: These politicians are incredibly successful people. They also have senior advisors to help them create an image that will impress the public. However, they still blunder when they try to look different than they are. Being yourself is a challenge every day, and whatever its job title is, it's difficult for everyone. Tags: ( #reliable, #sincere, #feature, #intersting, #appoinment, #reality, #tv, #people )

The Wind Under My Wings.

Three months later...
Ipod Song selection: "The Wind Under My Wings.'' This was the case for me. I was going to become a crazy woman who was knocking on the streets and turned to kids: bastards, look at enjoying life! One day, someone will break your heart and then you will be destroyed! Just like me!''Cian Mathews broke my heart, sitting in a swinging chair in a corner of the nursing home. Cian Mathewws broke my heart. '' I would be an old witch who muttered and tried to calm down the staff there to try to seize. Because he did it. He broke my heart.
I was feeling injured, ruined, finished.
This was the case for me. I would never be able to handle this. In fact, if I tried a little bit more, I could get the Most Heartbroken Human Award (a Human Name That Delivered His Soul to the Sake of Love) so Cian could understand how hurt he was.
Yes, he could understand.
They could have a conversation with me while lying under my duvet and asked, "Tell us, Isobel, when did this disease begin?" ''Cian Mathewws is my first love. It all started when he betrayed me with a tall, long silk-haired woman. I almost died because I thought we would be together until the end of our lives. Because we knew that. When we were together, we knew that all the stones were in place. Some people say to us, "You are very young yet, but you cannot understand this yet, but we can tell them," No, we are not. We used to answer when people were getting married at the age of sixteen.'' We didn't even care what they thought, because we knew it. But then he went and destroyed everything. My life is shattered. So thank you very much for the reward, but now please go here? I am not used to a lot of social interaction and this makes me angry. Please fill my wine glass before you go? Before I leave, there is Westlife on the CD player, could you please press the play button.'' Tags: ( #life, #crazy, #kids, #me, #destroyed, #love, #people )

Whats your objective?

What Is Your Greatest Objective? The biggest thing you're working on should be a tap change. This is not something you can easily accomplish in the next few days, weeks, or even months. What is the biggest thing you can imagine that it will grow your business or change your life? If you manage to achieve your Great Goal, describe the outcome of that you have dreamed of. As you write this result, ask your cat: Do I think big enough? Does this reading give me enthusiasm? Does it excite me a little? Do my colleagues think this is not just an objective, but a Big Objective? Who should you take with you? Who is among your target audience? Who are the people you most need to take with you to achieve your tap change objective? What Perceptions, Habits, or Beliefs Affect This Challenging Task? What perceptions, habits or beliefs do you need to build in your target audience, or which ones do you need to change or reinforce? These may differ in different individuals or groups. Tags: ( #objective, #accomplish, #life, #beliefs, #challenge, #perceptions, #individual )

Everyone Hurts!

Two months later...
iPod song selection: ''Everyone Hurts'' I had decided that Cian, lying with this cliché girl, ruined my life. Both forever. I stepped out of my trump card which surrounded me for a long time. Indeed I was indeed very peaceful and I was not planning to go out in the near future. We had a new contract with Westlife, Ireland's most popular group. I have always admired these kids, but now ... Now there was a tight bond between us. I told my boss I had meningitis. (Before I go to work, I have to look at the lands of this disease so that I can adapt the horrors I have experienced to it.) Because they don't want to allow anyone who says they have a broken heart syndrome. But why for God's sake? I have never had a serious illness in my life. When I got an allergy that covered my entire body when I was eleven years old, my mother applied me itch and wrapped me in aluminum foil for a week. The broken heart syndrome I had was even worse than this. Keelin and Susie were constantly asking if I was okay and they were leaving various donuts in front of my door. Why didn't they understand that the only food I needed was wine and cornflakes during this time when everything in my life was reversed? Cian lifted and threw me for this long and long silk hair girl. My God! Only Westlife could understand me right now. But if I put all my pillows around me, I could sit with support from them and drink my wine, but my head was still in my duvet. What else could I ask for? Is it fun? No, I didn't want that anymore. After the girls got me out last week... You got into a bar and the people there said, "Oh my God, look at this! Isn't that crazy on Facebook?'' Yes true. Here is my collapse moment! The pictures taken with the camera phone were uploaded to the internet and put on Facebook. Hello, heartbreak! Hello, humiliation days! Goodbye, respectability! Goodbye, life! It was officially announced. There used to be racial discrimination, now social exclusion. Tags: ( #life, #racialdiscrimination, #socialexclusion, #people )


One month period of restraint...
Ipod song selection: "I Will Survive" I had decided that these silky bushy hair and long slender legs were ordinary. But more strangely, the things that got me stuck in this period were that the jeans I bought or my scattered hair were related to my cardamom, which doesn't work properly. I also believed that Cian's betraying me with this cliché Girl was the best thing that I had never experienced before, but probably the best thing that ever happened to me. By doing a job I wanted to do for a long time but couldn't find time to do it, I dusted all the shelves in my bedroom. Being single meant I had time. I used this situation in my favor to sweep under my bed and match all my socks. Also, I sewed all my missing buttons on my blouse. Indeed, I believed that I could give up all this for the sake of being with a man. Did I go crazy? I spent most of the past week trying different hair stylers and having fun. My goal was not to make my hair beautiful or soft like silk; all I can say is tomorrow the day after a hair care debate...
If I find it in it, it was to have contemporary and reliable information. I must admit that I have never felt so happy. Everyone was asking me if I was "good". Of course, I was fine! Does someone who is not goodwill put all the kitchen utensils in alphabetical order? Or can I iron all the towels in the order of colors? Moreover, can someone who does not feel well rub rubbed seaweed water pipes? Not good, it was perfect! I signed a new contract with life. The buttons on all my blouses were complete; I was able to find the canned beans right where I put them and my stocking drawer looked very neat and cute. I was extraordinarily happy! Cian had prevented me from doing so many years! Tags: ( #beautiful, #hair, #style, #happy, #happen, #life )

Life Doesn't Come Delay...

I found a new way to keep the 'love glow' alive after 1 year of marriage. Some time ago, I went out with another woman, and this was actually my wife's idea. One day, my wife surprised me, "I know that you love my shoulder," he said. I objected appropriately:
"But I love you more!"
I know, but you also love him. You have to take the time for him. '' The "other woman" my wife wanted me to visit was my mother who was single for nineteen years. Due to the intensity of my job and the rest of my three children, I could not see my mother much. That evening I invited my mother to dinner and then to the cinema. He was worried and immediately asked, "Are you okay is everything okay?" My mother was also the type of woman who suspected that a phone call or a surprise invitation late at night would surely have a bad meaning. "I thought it would be nice for us to spend some time with you," I replied.
'' Just two of us?
He thought a little and replied, "I want it very much." I was a little nervous when I was firing him on Friday. When I got home, I noticed that Kio was a little nervous because of our appointment. He was waiting in front of his door by wearing his jacket. She did her hair and wore the dress she wore on her last wedding anniversary. She smiled at me with a face as radiant as the angels. When we get in the car:
"I told my friends I was going out with my son and they were really impressed," he said. `` They can't wait to hear how our appointment goes. '' The restaurant we went to was a charming, warm and quality service, although not very stylish. My mother entered my arm with a queen figure. After I sat down, I had to read the menu to him; because he couldn't see the fine print. While I was in the middle of the menu, I noticed that my mother was looking at me with moist eyes and a nostalgia smile: "In the past, it was me who read the menus when you were little, you would listen to me with a curious look," he said.
I smiled and said, "Well, now it's your turn to sit comfortably and I can pay my debt by reading." During the meal, our conversation was very nice, nothing extraordinary happened, but we tried to make up for some of the time we lost by talking about the old and the innovations in our lives. We talked so much and had fun that we missed the movie clock. As I left my mother in the evening, I would like to go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you this time, '' he said, and we decided to meet again one evening. When I came home, my wife asked how the food went:
"It was very nice," I said. "It was far beyond what I could think."
A few days later my mother suddenly passed away due to a serious heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I had no chance to do anything for him. A few times later, I received a paid two-person food bill and an attached note from the restaurant where we had dinner with my mother: ''My son paid this bill in advance; because I was almost one hundred percent sure that I could not come to the appointment day we compared with you. Still, I arranged a dinner for two; because this time I want you to go with your spouse. You don't know what our appointment with you meant to me. I love you''. In the meantime, I understood the importance of saying I love you and allocating the time they deserve to the people we value in life. Nothing in life is more important than your family. Give them the time and attention they have; Because if you postpone such things, you may never find the 'appropriate time'. Tags: ( #love, #iloveyou, #friends, #life, #beyond )

Do I think big enough?...

The first job of a successful leader is to have an idea of ​​where to take people. I start the People With You program with a straightforward question: What is the biggest thing you can imagine that it will grow your business or affect your life deeply? I called this a straightforward question; I didn't say an easy question. I call your answer to this question the Big Goal. With this, I want to say that this goal is more than just small improvements or modest growth. Because having a slightly better year than the previous year is not a huge success. Setting this correct goal is the key to success, and leaders often fail to achieve high levels by not aiming high enough. None of us want to fail for many reasons. (among the top ones is not to lose our job). For this reason, we are cautious about how high we can set our eyes. But the truth is, targeting only the good enough instead of the big one will not inspire people around you. It also means that you will never get an opportunity to see what you and your people can really do. And this is a great misfortune for both your company, those around you, and for you. So, when answering this question, ask yourself: Do I think big enough?... Tags: ( #success, #people, #those, #company, #program )


According to the research conducted by Forbes magazine in 2009, Beyoncé ranked 4th among “World's Most Impressive and Powerful 100 Celebrities” as a result of international music achievements between 2008-2009. Private Life Beyoncé married her lover Jay-Z, who was a musician like her for many years, in 2008, the young couple who had no children announced their marriage to their fans on September 5, 2008. Do I think big enough?... In 2006, Beyoncé, who released his second solo album called B’Day with the contributions of artists who appeared in different musical branches such as Shakira and Jay-Z, won 3 Platinum Records and Grammy awards as a result of this album selling more than three million. I Am… Together with the album Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé was introducing both an album and the stage personality named Sasha Fierce, which she created for her fans. The album, which tells the story of the character of Sasha, which he describes as "absolutely for the stage", has left sales records. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born on September 4, 1981 in Houston. He was 7 years old when he was interested in music and having a career. With the Destinys child group, they entered the world of music as a bomb in 1997 with the first single track of their album, "No, No, No". However, their success remained too small to be counted as "The Writing’s On The Wall," which will be released two years later. Over 10 million albums sold worldwide have turned music lists upside down with hit tracks such as "Jumpin 'Jumpin", "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills". After the participation of Michelle Williams a year later, the group recorded "Survivor". The group, which succeeded in winning two Grammy awards in 2001 after reaching a great sales figure of 9 million, was at the top of the music world. It has become one of the best-selling girl groups of all time in the world. Beyonce, who is the producer of very important parts of the group such as “Jumpin'Jumpin”, “Survivor”, later decided to continue his musical studies in his solo career and recorded his first work in this field, “Dangerously In Love”. The "Dangerously In Love" album, which started with "Crazy In Love", which created the event he performed with Jay-Z, and consisting of 15 songs, took its place on the shelves as a symbol of the fast and strong step Beyonce Knowles took to his solo career. Beyonce, who played in MTV's "Carmen" in 2001 to showcase his acting talent, Bringing Destiny's Child back together in 2004, Beyoncé gained great success with the group thanks to the album Destiny Fulfilled released the same year. While the Soldier song in the album climbed to the top of the charts, the group's tours continued to bring great success. However, after the album's promotional tours were over, the Beyoncé group announced that it had been redistributed and upset their fans. Top Songs - Halo - Crazy in love - Single ladies - If I were a boy - Drunk In love - the Formation - the list - Sorry - Love on top - Run the world - Pretty hurts Tags: ( #Beyonce, #music, #Destinyschild, #Grammy, #JayZ, #Awards, #MTV, #magazine, #celebrities, #single )

Take A Breath!

I stood by the curb to cross across the location of Saints-Prés Street, and I was looking for a flood of flowing cars. An explanation: a Parisian lady who respects her never crosses white lines when the red light is on. A Parisian woman who respects her sees the flood of the car and reveals herself in the awareness that she is taking a risk. To die for the showcase of Paul Ka. This is great. Finally, a voice stops me when I'm going to throw myself right across. I will not say "a warm and masculine voice" to please you, because it was not. It was just a voice: - Sorry... I'm turning around. Oh, who's standing there?... my handsome victim from the previous one.
The sooner I tell you, the better it will be, from that moment Baudelaire ate shit.
- I was thinking, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?... "How romantic is my mind..." he says, but:
- Isn't that a little too fast? I answer. O da sözü geldiğine oturtarak yanıtlıyor beni ve inanın gerçeği söylüyor:
- Haklısınız, biraz fazla hızlı oldu. Ama siz uzaklaşırken arkanızdan kendi kendime şöyle dedim: bu çok aptalca, yolda bir kadınla karşılaşıyorum, ona gülümsüyorum, o da bana gülümsüyor, birbirimize sürtünerek geçiyoruz ve az sonra birbirimizi kaybedeceğiz... Bu çok aptalca da değil, saçma.
- ... - What are you thinking? Does this look like stupid things to you?
- No, no, not at all.
I was starting to feel uncomfortable, I ...
- Yeah? ... What are you saying? Here, there, tonight, right now, at nine o'clock, right in this place? Gather yourself, girl, if you had to go out to dinner with every man you smile, you wouldn't step out of the restaurants...
- Give me one reason to accept your invitation.
- One reason... God... how hard... I look at him amused.
And suddenly he is holding my hand.
- I think I found a reason that can be considered valid...
He rubs my hand against his unshaven cheek.
- One reason. Here's a reason for you: say yes I have a reason to shave... I sincerely say, when I shave, I am much better now.
He's returning my arm to me.
- I say yes.
- Thank god! Let's face it together, please, I don't want to lose you right now, right now.
This time, I am watching her go in the other direction, she must be tingling her cheeks like children who have done well.
I am sure he is very pleased with his own, not unfair. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the evening.
The hunted hunter does not know what to wear. Makeup is necessary. I am a bit nervous like a beginner girl who knows she doesn't brush her hair well. I work, answer the phone, send faxes, finish a mock-up for the iconographer (wait, absolutely ... a little girl with a lifetime working on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés sides is working in the broadcasting field, absolutely...).
The bones on my toes are freezing and I repeat everything I am told to myself.
Breathe my daughter, breathe... Tags: ( #respect, #absolutely, #breath, #everything, #myself, #makeup )

Little Getaways!

Saint-Germain-des-Prés!?.. I know very well what to say to me: "God, this is a very familiar thing, honey, and Sagan has done it well before you, and so beautifully!" I know.
So what do you want us to do... I wasn't sure all this would happen to me on Clichy Boulevard, it just happened at once. This is life. But keep your thoughts to yourself and listen to me, because my little finger whispers to me that you will like this story. You love unpretentious little things. Let those men who believe that you are single and unhappy, let your heart get a little bit poppy with those promising nights. I know you love it. It's normal, you probably won't sit at a table in Lipp or Deux-Magots, or read Harlequin novels. Of course, you will not read, you cannot read. Now, that morning, I met a man on Saint-Germain Boulevard. I was going up from the boulevard, it was coming down. We were on the odd side, the most elegant and the most elegant. I saw his development from afar. I don't know, maybe a bit of heavy walking impressed me, maybe the flying skirts of his coat... In short, I was about twenty meters away and I knew I wouldn't miss him already. I didn't miss it, and when I came near me, I saw that it was looking at me. I look at him with a penetrating smile, a smile like Cupido's arrow, but more restrained than Cupido's. He smiles at me too. I continue to smile as I continue on my way, I think of Baudelaire's poem "To a Passing Woman" (you already understand how I am equipped with literary information, my reliability in this field when I speak of Sagan already !!!). I walk more slowly, as I try to remember... Thin, long, mourning, full of pain... I don't know what's next... then... You are my beloved, you are the best known of it. This finishes me every time. And by the way, with divine purity, I feel the look of my still Sebastian, who is still behind me (There is a reference to the arrow here!) This look paddles my bones wonderfully but I prefer to get pregnant rather than back, if I turned back, the poetry of the work would disappear. Tags: ( #beautiful, #happen, #feel, #listen, #happen, #yourself )

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