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Adler Heralds the Season of Love with Artemis

Adler jewels, which are the fusion of old traditions and new tendencies, go beyond the concepts of time and space. Each jewel represents an imaginary epic, a legend about fairies, an intimate encounter with a different breath, a journey far or a pleasant emotion. Adler heralds that the season of love has come in the summer of 2020 with a necklace named Artemis. Artemis, one of the greatest Greek goddesses, is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Also known as the goddess of wilderness, hunting, archery and the moon; as a goddess of pure light she represents affinity The Greeks believed that Artemis was the protector of young women. According to the belief, as this brave hunter wandered through the forest with a golden bow in his hand, the buds that he stepped on with every step would turn green and blossom. Adler brings this legend to life in the real world with the drop of emeralds in the form of buds that you can feel they are living thanks to their vitality and brilliance.

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