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Apple Music's New List Of Fashion

When it comes to an unforgettable fashion show, one of the only things that will enchant the audience and reinforce the breathtaking atmosphere is of course the music playing in the background. Balmain, always receiving support from technology in addition to its design approach, is not indifferent to this magnificent power of music and signs a collaboration with Apple Music. With a concept that the two have never been involved in before... Signature, a unique music destination created by the brand's creative director Olivier Rousteing and Apple Music editors, will reflect Balmain’s voices, inspirations and values ​​unique to this company. It is possible to see a reflection of Olivier Rousteing's passion for music in the Signature list, which brings music and fashion together in a different way and will be updated with special contents throughout the year. "Everyone who has followed the story to this day already knows that I think fashion cannot be separated from music." "I am happy that this new partnership will help make the unique sequence of modern Balmain DNA even more open and accessible to everyone," explained Olivier Rousteing, regarding his thoughts on meeting with Apple Music. He expresses it in words.

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