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Aand of course, there was no caffeine intake from 3 pm. all doctors agree on this. Dr. Spielman went a step further and made the following statement. '' The half-life of caffeine in the body (i.e. half the time it is removed from the body) increases with age. At the age of 21, you can throw half of the caffeine in four hours, and by the age of 80, this period increases to about 10 hours. This means that if you are older and you like to drink coffee at noon, you should be ready to spend the night standing. '' Since I was in my 40s and the half-life of caffeine in my body reached six hours, I should have applied myself a coffee embargo after breakfast. I noticed that at the end of the two-week diet, I fell asleep more easily and got up in the morning with energy as before I became a mother. Actually, I wanted to try KDT, but no specialist can include you in the smallest program without a medical examination. In fact, insomnia itself is not a disease. It often appears as a symptom of conditions. Fibroma
There is a wide-scale ranging from plea to depression. Of course, it is easier to swallow medication than to deal with a lot of medical checks and puncture your life. But I suggest you to consider the following: According to the studies of the National Health Institute, people who use the most common sleeping drugs fall asleep only 12 minutes longer than the associations given a placebo (ineffective medicine) and sleep no more than 11 minutes. So the risks it contains are not worth considering. If you ask me, giving up the second cup of coffee is much safer, easier and more effective. Tags: (#sleep, #medical, #insomnia, #depression, #breakfast, #caffeine )

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