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Comfortable home clothes became our favorite when we closed our homes due to the pandemic. We may now be socializing in a controlled manner, gradually going to work, but that does not mean that homewear will be completely shelved. On the contrary, this period heralds the rise of comfortable pieces that adapt from house to street. Photo by Mango Comfy The Mango Comfy collection puts the needs of this "new normal" at its center. Inspired by comfortable and effortless views, Comfy consists of pieces that easily adapt from house to street. Comfy offers functional combinations that keep up with the daily routine, perfectly combining home, sports and street wear. photo by Mango The centerpiece of the collection is the soft texture of the fabrics. These textures give life to mini knitwear, tights and sporty short blouses. Combinations are completed with tailored maxi coats, anoraks and sports shoes. In the accessories of the collection, functionality is at the forefront. Feathered fabrics stand out in sandals, slippers, bags and hats. Maxi puffer bags in which everything fits are also indispensable for this collection. Practical accessories such as wool socks, scarves and hats in pastel colors also complement the autumn looks. A dose of minimalism and lots of comfortable, versatile pieces… It is possible to read the basic reflections of autumn fashion in the Mango Comfy collection in this way.

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