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Disney’s New ‘DuckTales’ Now Has a Theme Song, Premiere Date, and All-Star Cast

Disney’s New ‘DuckTales’ Now Has a Theme Song, Premiere Date, and All-Star Cast Disney XD’s upcomingDuckTalesreboot has a brand new theme song and a premiere date. The series will premiere in a one-hour television movie which will be shown for 24 consecutive hours starting Saturday, August 12 (beginning at midnight EDT/PDT), on Disney XD. The series will then debut with two new episodes on Saturday, September 23. Here’s the awesome new theme song. DISNEY XD’S NEW DUCKTALES SERIES HAS AN IMPRESSIVE ALL-STAR CAST VOICING NEW VERSIONS OF CLASSIC CHARACTERS. Tony Anselmo, Disney’s official voice of Donald Duck since 1985, will reprise the classic role in the reboot. EW, in an exclusive first look at the new characters, reports that Donald will show up more in this version than he did in the old series. Paul F. Tomkins plays Gladstone Gander, the shared nemesis of Donald and Uncle Scrooge. Gyro Gearloose is voiced by Community star Jim Rash. He’ll once again work alongside intern Fenton — secretly Gizmoduck — as voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Allison Janney (The West Wing) will voice Scrooge’s longtime fellow adventurer Goldie O’Gilt. The character has been given a welcome adventurous makeover for the new series. Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys are played by Margo Martindale and Eric Bauza respectively. They’re back to give Scrooge a hard time and get in the way of his globetrotting adventures. Flintheart Golmgold (Keith Ferguson) is returning as Scrooge’s billionaire peers, and he’s even more Scottish than before. Silicon Valley star Josh Brener voices Mark Beaks. He’s a brand new character — a “new money” peer of Uncle Scrooge who accumulated his wealth in the tech sector. As previously announced, Scottish star David Tennant, best known for his portrayal of the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who voices Scrooge McDuck.

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