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One month period of restraint...
Ipod song selection: "I Will Survive" I had decided that these silky bushy hair and long slender legs were ordinary. But more strangely, the things that got me stuck in this period were that the jeans I bought or my scattered hair were related to my cardamom, which doesn't work properly. I also believed that Cian's betraying me with this cliché Girl was the best thing that I had never experienced before, but probably the best thing that ever happened to me. By doing a job I wanted to do for a long time but couldn't find time to do it, I dusted all the shelves in my bedroom. Being single meant I had time. I used this situation in my favor to sweep under my bed and match all my socks. Also, I sewed all my missing buttons on my blouse. Indeed, I believed that I could give up all this for the sake of being with a man. Did I go crazy? I spent most of the past week trying different hair stylers and having fun. My goal was not to make my hair beautiful or soft like silk; all I can say is tomorrow the day after a hair care debate...
If I find it in it, it was to have contemporary and reliable information. I must admit that I have never felt so happy. Everyone was asking me if I was "good". Of course, I was fine! Does someone who is not goodwill put all the kitchen utensils in alphabetical order? Or can I iron all the towels in the order of colors? Moreover, can someone who does not feel well rub rubbed seaweed water pipes? Not good, it was perfect! I signed a new contract with life. The buttons on all my blouses were complete; I was able to find the canned beans right where I put them and my stocking drawer looked very neat and cute. I was extraordinarily happy! Cian had prevented me from doing so many years! Tags: ( #beautiful, #hair, #style, #happy, #happen, #life )

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