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Make Me Coffee

Would you make me coffee again? Sometimes you cannot find the answer to why you love. Habit is not a pattern, I cannot find the beautiful one from it, it is not a pattern, it understands you very well, it is not... You may not want to love someone again, loving is tiring work, a job, a being, an existence ... So why are people alone? Because we don't give people enough chances. Someone does not give us that chance, we do not give it to another person. This is a vicious circle. Discovering a human is actually the most beautiful thing, but discovering a person is something that requires free. There is no need to find America again, but one must discover the other, and cannot love without discovering it... If you have a boyfriend who makes perfect sentences, if he can handle the looks, and if he dresses up to your style, asking for much more is nothing but a drag. Of these features, we usually come across the part of "ehh here is the type will". That's not enough. By the way, if there is a girl who is more attractive than a girl who makes me coffee, it's the girl who says, "Can you make me coffee?" Anyway drink coffee, cooling...

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