Bumerang - Yazarkafe
Classy Ché

Over, over and over again

Why? Someone comes into your life and your favorite color is the same, even your auspicious number ... You like to do the same things, even your playlists are the same, except 3-5 songs. Anyway, a person cannot be a one-on-one soulmate with anyone. You liked the same things. You both like to talk. In some places you leave, you have different opinions. Getting wet in the rain seems absurd to him, he doesn't like it. You love but you know what you do is nonsense. You go fishing sometimes at five in the morning. You are sending a message to your lover; “It's very cold today, it's five in the morning and I'm fishing, you're in the sweetest part of sleep, I'm still waking up again to love you over and over again.

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