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The Tale of the calendar

“There was one, there was no. Once upon a time, there was no calendar.“ People all over the world have always been busy making calendars, even though they are not like today. Because the calendar is a tool for learning time. We do not know much how some of the first calendars were used. There is an ancient monument on the British island. The stones are lined up in a circle. The use of this monument was not well understood before. It is now known to mark the place where the sun rises. Because the sun changes its birth angle slightly every day. So, those who planted these stones made a calendar according to themselves. What natural time units are important to humans? Do not think of people today. For the first humans. Remember, there are no houses like today. Of course, electricity. It will get dark. Wild animals will come. It is necessary to make a fire. So why is the middle ground getting dark? The day is coming to an end. What is the day and night? You know that this is because the world revolves around it. But who knows what ways the first people used to understand this and determine the clocks. Now let's put aside the method of detecting the time. I'll tell you about it another day. But for people, the day matters. What is the second of natural time? Let's think about the first humans again?.. At night, another light replaces the sun. It doesn't heat but it lights up. Yes... Of course the moon. How many days the month appears at that time matters, right? We now describe it as a rotation of the Moon around the earth. There is also a year. Ooo! Of course, we'll talk about the year. Today is the first day of the year. We define the year as the Earth's turn around the sun. This period is hours per day. We count these six hours a full day every four years. Then the year becomes day in February. If we calculate the year with the movement of the Earth around the sun, this period is If we divide the months into 12 months by 30 or 31 days, the calendar in which we write them is called the 'Solar Calendar'. These calendar seasons accurately pinpoint the longest day and night. Do you know that such a calendar was made in Egypt two hundred and thirty-eight years before Jesus was born? The first measurements necessary to make the solar calendar were made four hundred and thirty-two years before Jesus was born, and the second, two hundred and eighty years before Jesus was born. Both measurements took place in ancient Greece. There is also a lunar year used by regions where seasons are similar, such as the Arabian Peninsula. This is also called the Hijri year. The lunar year, formed by the combination of twelve months of the moon, is 354 or 355 days. And the months do not detect the seasons. Ramadan and holidays of the religion of Islam come ten days earlier each year. People have prepared a variety of calendars until today, months, years, New Year's Eve, they have calculated. Know that many nations used to choose the arrival days of spring as the start of the new year. Maybe it was better than a snowy Christmas...

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