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What Will I Be When I Grow Up

As long as one child is unhappy in the world, there are no great inventions and advances. His mother had gone as he stared at his six-year-old son, who was fighting leukemia. Although his heart was in pain, he also felt the effect of his sense of determination. Like any parent, he wanted his son to grow up and realize his hopes. But this was no longer possible. It was unlikely that leukemia would give this an opportunity. However, he wanted his son to realize his dreams. ''Bob! Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow up? Have you ever wanted and dreamed of what happened in your life? '' He asked.
Bob decided without waiting:
"Mommy, I always wanted to be a firefighter when I grew up."
The mother smiled and said:
"Can we do whatever he wants, let's see,'' he said. Later, he went to the fire department in Arizona and met firefighters. He told them that his son wanted it last and asked if it was possible for his son to get on the fire truck and take a small tour in the city. "We can do better than that," said one of the firefighters. '' If you prepare your son at seven o'clock on Wednesday morning, we will make him a guest of honor that day and make him a firefighter. He comes to the fire department with us, eats with us, comes to extinguish the fire. If you even give us your measurements, we'll have him make a real firefighter costume with the Arizona firefighter's yellow emblem embroidered and order rubber boots.'' Three days later, the firefighter took Bob, dressed him in his clothes, and accompanied him from the bed to the fire truck. Bob was installed in the fire truck and started on his way to the directorate. He felt very happy. There were three full days of fire warning in Arizona that day, and he got on different fire trucks and even the fire manager's private car. Local televisions also watched and filmed him. His dreams come true, the love and attention shown had affected Bob so much that he lived exactly three months more than what the doctors said. One night, when all signs of life began to disappear dramatically, the head nurse, who believed that no one should die alone, called the family members to the hospital. He then asked if Bob would be able to have a firefighter in special clothes, as he said goodbye to this world. Firefighter: ''We can do better than that. We are there in five minutes. But would you do us a favor? When you hear the sirens ringing, can you make the announcement that there is no fire?
 Just say that the firefighters are visiting an important colleague and please open the window of his room''? she replied. About five minutes later, the van carrying the hook and ladder arrived. He opened the ladder and approached Bob's room on the third floor. Exactly fourteen firefighters climbed into BOb's room. They hugged her with the permission of her mother and told her how much they loved her. Bob, clawed by death? '' Answered the manager.
After these words, Bob smiled and closed his eyes forever. You forgot the Beli, maybe you can't remember it, maybe you are so emotional, you are so strict; But know that life radiates love and hope. If you don't read your eyes when you read this, it means there is nothing left for you. No, if it is full, then appreciate your loved ones and reveal you're true love, please. Tags: ( #love, #hope, #dream, #happen, #grow, #live, #morning, #life )

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