I have a habit of Loving You; like Loving You

People always expect something. Just let them get used to waiting.

We do not know what will happen tomorrow and we are afraid of life. Most of the time, we cannot have our loved ones. Sometimes I just want to have different clothes, aimlessly… What happened is not enough, for example, there is insatiability. We are drinking tea at the coffee table. We have standard chats. We have a habit of loving and good smiles. Some girls are very beautiful and there are a lot of guys around them, just like a ticket queue… There are people who love blue very much and people whom tan color suits well. There is a color in their separation, but I don’t know that color. Sometimes a lot of bullshit, sometimes a message comes to the phone. Sometimes he calls and only hears your voice.

He loves you so much that that love passes to you, you become attached. By the way, there are people laughing at shitty things. When we look at them from the outside, we smile at them, but we say, “Are you laughing at this?”

I don’t like Monday but I love you. Eat oranges and apply red nail polish. (drive twice) Sometimes very badly.


I believe in God, I believe in miracles and i believe in angels, because it is a miracle that the Gods sent an angel like you in my life. Loving you darling.

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